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Making kit for the Pro’s

What it takes to operate at the sharp end of the sportswear manufacturing business. Enjoy welcome Team Ascendis onboard for 2017.

In late 2016 looking to add to its stable of high profile professional riders Enjoy agreed a sponsorship deal for the 2017 season with one of SA’s premier mountain biking teams, Ascendis Health.

Featuring four time SA XCM champion Robyn De Groot and new kid on the block Gert Heyns the sponsorship deal offered Enjoy an amazing opportunity to have its product ridden, tested and critiqued by riders competing and winning at the highest levels in the SA mountain biking arena.

As with most things in the cycling world decisions are made late in the day and the sponsorship deal was only formalized in late October. With only two months left in the year the 2017 season was just around the corner, which meant a compressed timeline to get riders fitted, designs approved, and kit delivered before the season started.

No one was keen to have Robyn riding Epic with former world champion Sabine Spitz in shorts that weren’t 100% comfortable. The pressure was on to get things right!!!

The first step was to get riders to attend a fit session at our offices in Cape Town to determine their sizing.

Sizing is the biggest challenge we face on a daily basis in our business as riders just don’t come in a uniform size and Robyn and Gert are no different. Looking with a critical eye there are always small adjustments that can be made to improve fit. Gert’s very tall lean-framed build will always pose challenges with the length of garments where as Robyn required a number of adjustments across the board to get things fitting comfortably.

They initially tried on standard sized garments and once an optimal product size was identified we then began the custom-fitting element of the exercise tailoring each product individually to the rider. With each rider requiring over 10 different types of product this was no small undertaking.

In the world of custom sportswear manufacturing this doesn’t involve a seamstress pinning ready made garments but rather a designer sitting at a computer making changes on the fly to a digital pattern. The advantage of this approach is that once you have developed a rider’s perfect fit it is stored digitally for future production runs.


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