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Making kit for the Pro’s

What it takes to operate at the sharp end of the sportswear manufacturing business. Enjoy welcome Team Ascendis onboard for 2017.

Both riders would be wearing our ProXision range which has been developed for the harsh South African summer and the marathon racing season which runs from January through to May. Temperatures can reach 40 degrees during high summer so the development of the range focussed heavily on the breathability of the fabrics as well as their durability.

Enjoy’s ProXision cycle top features two imported European fabrics as well as a waterproof membrane technology and we were very keen to see how the top would withstand the rigours of a professional athlete putting it through its paces.

The 4 way stretch lightweight Flight™ mesh used for sleeves and side panels offers significant stretch which allows the panels to be much smaller than the form they are designed to fit. This design approach provides the riders a compression like feel using a fabric that is still very light and breathable which is crucial when riding long distances during the South African summer.

The body of the jersey is made from a light weight 2 way stretch Velune’™ which again has been selected because of its moisture management capabilities. The fabric whilst being very light still does an excellent job of wicking and the two way stretch ensures that there is limited movement when the rider is on the bike.

Robyn’s cycle top required an extra 1cm length added to the front, 0.5cm taken off each seam around the waist and 1cm extra width added across the bust. Gert’s top required 5cm extra length added to the bottom all the way round and 1cm extra length on the sleeves.

The ProXision bibshort Robyn and Gert ride in is made from 180gsm Italian lycra and constructed using a flat lock stitching technology. It is available in a mens and ladies specific cut and the leg panels are made from a one piece of material with a single seam joining them behind the knee. This design offers increased stretch around the leg and feels very light and unrestrictive on the bike which is ideal when riding in the heat. Both riders main concern was that the chamois was comfortable and was suitable for the distances they ride on a regular basis.

The mens ProXision chamois imported from Italy offers a 10mm high density perforated foam under the sit bones and drops down to a 6mm profile towards the front for increased flex. An antibacterial fast drying material is used and the fabric backing has been removed to reduce bulk and offer further stretch. The chamois is now in its 3rd year of development and is perfect for the marathon style racing that is so popular in South Africa.

Gert’s feedback on the chamois was positive and the only adjustments we had to make to his shorts were to add 2cm extra length on the shoulder straps and 2cm extra length to the bottom of the leg.

Robyn however was a slightly different challenge. When she test rode the first pair of shorts we made for her feedback was positive however as she started using them for greater distances she noticed that the chamois lost its support after abut 2 and a half to three hours in the saddle. Not great news bearing in mind she would be riding Epic in under two months time where we knew certain days would be four hours plus of riding. It is also worth noting that this same chamois had been put to the test only a couple of months earlier when one of our ambassadors successfully rode it during the Tour De Afrique which charts a course from Cairo to Cape Town and four hour rides are just the warm up for some serious hours in the saddle.

It just shows how personal a chamois choice really is.

Anyway we put our heads together, engaged our Italian supplier and started to look at alternatives. Chamois’ arrived in courier bags from Europe and we stitched them into shorts and handed them out to fit models for testing.


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